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Directive 2000/14 / EC (Directive 2000/14 / EC) concerning noise emitted by machinery and equipment operating outdoors regulates the sound power levels of 57 types of machinery and equipment covered by the Directive. They are mainly machinery and equipment used on construction sites or in parks and gardens.

The manufacturer of the machinery or equipment or his authorized representative, when established on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria, shall send a copy of the EC declaration of conformity to the State Agency for Metrological and Technical Surveillance (SAMTS) and to the European Commission.

For this purpose, the European Commission has developed an electronic form of the EC Declaration of Conformity called "Noise" for documents dispatching and management, which is an on-line tool for manufacturers, authorized representatives and notified bodies: Useful information for Directive 2000/14 / EC


  • What does the CTEC service include?

    1. CTEC is a notified body with identification number NB 1871 by the European Commission Official Journal for Directive 2000/14 / EC authorized by the National Agency for Metrological and Technical Surveillance. It performs conformity assessment of machinery and equipment regarding noise emission, under procedures:


    • Factory production control with assessment of the technical file and periodic product checks
    • Verification of a single product
    • Approval of a full quality assurance system


    Machinery / equipment * for which requirements for limitation of the guaranteed sound power level within the scope of the CTEC for conformity assessment are applied.


    2. For machinery / equipment for which the guaranteed sound power level is not limited but subject only to marking, the manufacturer must apply the conformity assessment procedure Factory Production Control (Module A) which includes:


    • Compilation of a technical file;
    • All the necessary measures in order the manufacturing process to ensure compliance of the machinery or equipment produced with the technical file and with the applicable requirements of the Directive for the technical file;
    • Issuance of the EC declaration of conformity;
    • Affixing the CE marking in accordance with the applicable requirements of the Directive.


    The Department for Conformity Assessment of Machines and Electrical Equipment within CTEC carries out assessments of machines outside the scope of the notification at the stated request of the economic operator and issues a certificate after establishing compliance of the machinery with the applicable essential requirements. The conformity assessment process involves performing the necessary tests.


    In cases where the assignor requests an assessment of the machine technical file, the CTEC shall issue a certificate of conformity of the technical file for the established compliance.


    The certificate in the voluntary area is not mandatory but creates prerequisites for greater trust in the product and provides a significant competitive advantage to the manufacturer.


  • Basic documents and information


    Adopted in the national legislation by:


    Procedures for conformity assessment, which apply CTEC

  • Whom does the conformity assessment service refer to?

    The obligation to certify compliance with the requirements of the Directive applies to individuals or organizations which place the machinery / equipment on the market for the first time within the European Union and to those who make modifications to the machinery / plant.
  • Benefits for you?

    • The conformity assessment ensures that your machine/equipment is designed and executed in accordance with the requirements of the guaranteed sound power levels;

    • It makes you confident that the machine/plant meets the requirements of Directive 2000/14 / EC;

    • It provides you with a competitive advantage;

    • It facilitates the free movement of machinery in the EU and the European Economic Area (EEA) 

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CTEC number in the information system of the European Commission NANDO (New Approach Notified and Designated Organisations) is NB 1871.